Chuck Carson

-I have a very close family, and I was always encouraged to follow my own path, when I would create art my family is very supportive and would make sure I had the supplies I needed to be successful. I’ve been drawing since I was very young, five or six years-old, I of course watched Saturday morning cartoons and I would try to draw them, in school I would draw for my friends and I started winning art contests in school -through elementary school, so I continued to practice. 
-I’ve had many entertainers that in impressed me as I grew up, my favorite is Elvis Presley, I love his music and enjoy all his movies, I was very impressed with not only his talents, which were many, but his character, how he was after becoming the biggest star of his generation, so I modeled myself from his attitude and kindness and strived to be better each day with the abilities I was blessed with. I love comics, and have many artists that have been an inspiration for me, a few that stick out would be “John Romita Jr.”, “Dale Keown” and “Fernando Ruiz” all extremely talented artists that help guide me as I move forward.
-I can tell you that to become a great illustrator it takes a lot of hard work and dedication. I’ve been doing this for over 25 years working in the gaming industry, drawing Comics, webcomics, freelance illustrations, making art for games, animations for video games, making FX, I still learn something new everyday.
-I’ve worked on Triple A game titles such as “Call of Duty” Monster truck madness, Rock band, BloodRayne, Wolfenstein 2009, I illustrated Children’s books, such as “Every Cake has a Baker, I’ve dome book cover illustrations for the book series Monster Problems, I’ve created webcomics, Life after the ten, based on a job I had and Munchies, superhero and villain stories, I’ve worked in Slot game industry creating hundreds of animations and illustrations for the Austin based Everi Gaming, I also create original art for the stamping company Brutus Monroe.      I have a YouTube channel ad instagram where I post many works of art, just look up Chuck Carson.
-The comic book industry is expected to rebound, the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic has slowed things down. Comics won’t die, things may change, I think after the smoke clears there will be publishers who fold, but new ones will emerge, same can be said for retail stores, there will be many smaller shops that will be forced the shutdown, but new one will emerge from the ashes. it may take a few months, but everything will eventually work itself out.
-I think there are some comic books that affect our realities that do, I know the writers I work with always try to bring in current situations into the stories we create that help us cope and bring awareness to our readers…
-My greatest artistic achievement, thus far, is to stay working and creating things that people still enjoy to see, I’ve created so much, I feel that every time I finish a project, no matter how big or small it is, it’s a great achievement for me.
-For newcomers I say: practice your craft, stay current, you will always continue to learn, focus your attention on one task at time, until you feel you have master it, for example, character design, focus on it until you feel you have it under control, you will always need to refresh, but then move on to background, story telling, story boarding, just keep practicing every day. Don’t be afraid to go out of your comfort zone, find an Artist you like and study them, move on to others, practice practice practice.
-I’m currently working on a Comic story that features a few characters from the “Archie Comics” universe it’s a 6 page story about the pandemic, once it’s complete we will submit it to Archie Comics hopefully it will get their attention, we dont work for Archie, just trying to get noticed by them.