Mario Zuccarello

Mario Zuccarello Illustrator, Character Designer and Cartoonist. Professionist with 14 years of experience.
My background is mostly self-taught, at least from the end of high school… then I trained professionally at some Italian companies of animation. As illustrator, I have made all kinds of images from cartoons/humoristic to fantasy/horror.
I grew up in Italy in a healthy and stimulating environment, my interest in drawing and cartoons emerged rather quickly.
I like imaginative stories.
As a child I really liked “Sword and Sandals”, my favorite actor was Steve Reeves.
Among the comics authors I prefer Alcatena, Toppi, Moebius.
I have no particular interest in characters, when I was a child I liked superheroes, today I read other types of fiction, mainly science fiction.
I learned mainly on my own, in my country there are no good schools.
I worked mainly on commission, for animation studios and private clients, the only thing I made independently is an artbook called “Light & Shadows -Through the territories of the imaginary-“Light & Shadows is a collection of illustrations inspired by the vast World of the Imaginary.
Five chapters plus an appendix chapter of tributes dedicated to some masters of fiction, art, cinema and comics.
The first chapter is entitled “The Myth and the Legend” in which I represent some key figures related to the epic theme and the sense of wonder generated by ancient legends. 
In the second chapter I will try to fascinate you with the magical and mysterious world unveiled by the archaic figures that make up “The Major Arcana.” 
The third chapter is about the ethereal substance of “The Dream, the Metaphysical World.”
“Glimpses from the Future” is the fourth gallery of images where I give body to the hopes and fears for what will come through emblematic figures drawn from Science Fiction. 
The fifth and final chapter includes the horrors that dwell in the most remote and dark recesses of our psyche and collective imaginary. This last chapter is titled “Nightmares, in
the land of Shadows.”
-In Italy the situation is particularly not interesting, many authors work with foreign publishing houses, especially in France and America. I don’t follow the question of the readers a lot here, so I can’t answer adequately but I know with certainty that almost everything published in Italy remains in Italy today. Graphic Novelist no longer exist here or works directly as I have said with foreign publishing houses, we have a few courageous publishers but until the 1990s Italian authors were also known abroad.
In the book I talked about above, Light & Shadows, I was able for the first time, precisely because I’ve worked 100% independently, to express my fantasy fully.
This is the only goal I have managed to achieve so far.I’m working on private commissions, maybe in future a new artbook.
-For the new generation I say: “Abandon hope all ye who enter here”.