Nao Yazawa


by Sherif Awad

Nao Yazawa (2)

I'm a manga artist and not an illustrator. So I take "illustration" as a manga.

Born and raised in Tokyo. My parents used to buy many books for me but no manga, so I hardly read manga before teen.But I enjoyed TV anime a lot, instead.

At that time, many anime titles were for boys. As a result almost all manga I bought were Shonen manga not Shojyo.

Nao Yazawa (4)

I debuted as a Shonen manga artist at CoroCoro Comic. Later, I moved my place to Pypnpyon, then Chao which was for girls, and started draw romantic comedies. Nao Yazawa is known as a Dhojyo manga artist.I don't remember how I got started to feel interested in manga. - reading, doodling, drawing, making are the same thing to me.Favorite artists are many, but if I point out one person, it must be Ishinomori Shotaro. I was totally fascinated with him during my teen, and Naoki Urasawa after that.

I'm not an editor nor a producer. It's not my field. As far as I Know, Manga industry has a hard time as other publishing categories, because of the Internet.

Nao Yazawa (1)

Comics have a lot of impact on readers as the same way as novel So far, my best works include Wedding Peach, animated series. It is true I became known to overseas fans by the series.

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