Delano Alexander

Delano Alexander

-My name is Delano Alexander. I am 33 years of age. I am from the beautiful island of Trinidad and Tobago. I grew up with my mom who had raised me and  encouraged me to reach the pinnacle of greatness. My dad, a lover of sports, saw my artistic ability, and so he also encouraged me to reach for the stars. He would say “Pursuit what you love and never give up on your dreams”. I have always loved action comics. Every morning, on the weekends I would position myself in front of the television to look at my favorite cartoons “Spider-Man, Batman Beyond, Avengers United We Stand etc…”. My favorite comic book character is Spawn created by Todd McFarlane of Image Comics. One day I started questioning myself about How do they do it? How do they blend the colors of the characters? Interestingly, I decided to go to YouTube and look up on how to create comic book characters. And right there when I saw how these professional artist work, from there, I spent months upon months and years upon years in mastering my work in creating my own character designs from scratch and writing comics. The key in learning to become a great writer is being able to tell a great story. Developing a great story does not happen overnight, but as time goes by, ideas falls into place. I have completed my first Graphic Novel Peace Keepers Dawn Of War Chapter 1 which is available on Amazon.

Peace Keeper (1)

Peacekeepers is about absolute war, One hundred years ago, hostile invaders known as death chargers descended on Panthora to retrieve the Valkala Talmors under the control of Bio Maul. With the Valkala Talmors, Bio Maul can harness its bioelectric energy to become the iron sentinel. Vector, Guardian of the Oracle Flame, gave hope once again by selecting champions from the far corners of the universe. Their courage has opened the gates of the galactic order known as the Peacekeepers. Merging with their Valadex Transmorphers, these champions have transformed into the superheroes, Legendary Shadow 919, Hero 919 and Lighting Dash to destroy the root of darkness.

Peace Keeper (2)

My homeland Trinidad and Tobago does not have a Comic Book/ Graphic Novel industry. There are so many great artist on the island, but they are not getting that push or drive to fulfill their dream. On the other hand Most readers are captured by the uniqueness of my work. Many questioned if I did it all by myself. For most yes because many readers when looking at a particular character sees themselves as heroes. they may not have actual super powers displayed in the book but they see themselves as that particular hero assisting someone in need, solving problems and showing an act of love and kindness to neighbors, friends and family. First off, I must give all glory and praise to God for bestowing upon me each day with health and strength to complete and published my first graphic novel Peacekeepers Dawn Of War Chapter 1. Not many has accomplished this, so for me this is one of my greatest achievements. Another eleven chapters are coming…