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José Blanco

Comicbook artist and illustrator, his vocation for drawing derives from his great love for American comics, doing his first work for small erotic publishing houses such as Ironworks or Sulaco. He also took charge of the inking of the comic…

Juliya Glagol

Hello Comics+BD, A manga artist in a place where there is no comic artist work! My name is Julia Glagol, I’m from Ukraine I am 30 years old.My family is small enough, only I am a mother and a grandmother. They‚Ķ

Gregory Ottaviani

Hello¬†Comics+BD, I am Gregory Ottaviani from Brazil. I am working as comics colorist. Always involved with art. Now developing and evolving in 3D modeling. Passionate for collectibles, games and animation…Working with Zbrush, Photoshop and Illustrator. – I always have lived‚Ķ

Nahid Zamani

Hello¬†Comics+BD, I am Nahid Zamani,¬† Freelance Cartoonist & Illustrator, from Iran… -All I remember from my childhood is painting. I’m the first child of my 5 members family, my parents were teacher, therefore, I had to go to kindergarten since‚Ķ

Osman Obaid

Hello Comics+BD, I am from a family busy with politics and union work. My father was a worker at the Al-Junaid factory and my older brothers were political activists at universities and members of the university federations they belonged to. I‚Ķ

Chiara Giorgi

Chiara Giorgi by Sherif Awad She is a comics’ artist and illustrator at Kall Edizioni- Roma IT-Il Quotidiano del Lazio- Gruppo Consiliare PD Regione Lazio. Interview with : -I am in the fourth year of the comics course of the‚Ķ

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