Gregory Ottaviani

Hello Comics+BD,

I am Gregory Ottaviani from Brazil.

I am working as comics colorist. Always involved with art. Now developing and evolving in 3D modeling. Passionate for collectibles, games and animation…Working with Zbrush, Photoshop and Illustrator.

– I always have lived with my grandma. Since 6 or 7 years old that I have this relationship with illustrations. Always making my own comics. When young after watching a movie in the cinema, always, arriving in home, drawing the entire movie in the paper. Yeah, I did this with Jurassic Park.

Gregory Ottaviani 2
Gregory Ottaviani 3





– I always loved cinema. So, the Sci-Fi creatures and terror movies always had a place in my heart. As a teenager, I always loved skateboard and such things. My favorite comic illustrator is Mike Deodato. A character that I always loved is Lobo from DC Comics.

– It can look easy, but it’s hard to study and become an illustrator. You need to be focus and really love this. You always need to be learning, practicing and watching other artists that you love. Break in into the comics industry is hard, but no impossible. The point is: always practicing and if possible, workshops with great artists.

– I have some projects, a manga story that needs to be put in the paper, but due to working with another clients, has left this aside. Now I am developing my skills in 3D area. So, looking to launch some statues of collectibles or even for a table game.

– Right here in Brazil we don’t have this industry. We don’t have an incentive to this. So many artists, and we have good ones, decide to work with other country’s publishers. The people right here love the comics, marvel, dc and such things. We a have a strong nerd scene.

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