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A manga artist in a place where there is no comic artist work!

My name is Julia Glagol, I’m from Ukraine I am 30 years old.
My family is small enough, only I am a mother and a grandmother. They have nothing to do with drawing. A seamstress grandmother and an accountant mother. Therefore, on my way, I was alone. huh
I attended art school, but all we did there was drawing dishes. It was very boring and I quit.
In my childhood, I wrote poems and made illustrations for them, I also drew my characters.

For the first time, I became very interested in drawing after the anime Sailor moon, then Miyazaki anime, which was shown on TV in Ukraine in 2002-2005.
I also grew up on Disney cartoons. The most beloved Lion King. Only in 2008 were parents able to buy a computer and on the internet I searched for all the anime that were at that time. I suffered the most because of the story of the Vampire Knight.
If you ask me about heroic comics, it was not realistic to get them.

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In my youth, I made many mistakes, for example, I absolutely did not study anatomy and draw without a skeleton. Now I have to teach anatomy to this day. I really thought I could draw anything and didn’t listen to criticism at all. Because of this, I remember many mistakes that I have to redo after 15 years.
I won my very first tablet in a competition in Moscow, drawing manga with my hands in 2010.

Now I see how creativity develops very quickly! And now children at the age of 12 already have tablets and at 20 they draw like professionals. Very tough competition.
There is a big problem, although there are so many artists, we do not have a good market for comics and drawings at all. Usually they publish everything for free and wait for the reader to donate. It is not right. Drawing is a lot of work! I am in favor of having a good market and that people do not publish for free. At least $1 but pay for the chapter of the comic.
As a result, the artist paints as a hobby but works somewhere in sales or services.
When will you be closing free comics? Open a shop where the comics are all for a 1 dollar a release. It’s just a cup of coffee but you stimulate the artist’s work and a whole art. There is an acute shortage of work. Customers ask for \$ 10 per page. Therefore, you can conclude that only wealthy people draw free comics.

For example, a popular Korean comic strip “True Beauty” honestly the author is a model. So she just paints as a hobby. Comic book income would not be enough for living in South Korea.


Now, I am drawing a comic strip for an international Chinese site webcomics.com “The Stylist in the Royal Castle”

This is a story about a girl Lily who came to the capital to become a stylist. She is talented and won the royal competition. But her desire to help others and her naivete lead her to dangerous magical problems. The spirit of the story is reminiscent of Howl’s Moving Castle.

I would also like to make my own manga for a publisher. If you are a publisher, and you want an author, I can help you!

About my work. For all the time I have drawn 6 books. My clients were from the USA, France, Canada. Usually the genre is an action, drama.

-Ukraine, my country, is not a country for the development of comics. Of course, there are Ukrainian historical comics and adventures. But residents here still believe that comics are only for toddlers. There are online shops where you can buy a limited selection of manga. Sometimes fairs and festivals are held in the capital. I cannot say that I can go out in my city and buy a comic strip in 30 meters. There was a bookstore in the area, but it closed. I would like the situation to be different. For example, pottery and design are very well developed here. Readers love romantic stories or strong heroes. To be successful you need to blog an artist every day and invest in promoting it.

-Yes, I think comics affect their readers. Although they usually say “no, cinema does not affect psychology.” It is not true. What people transmit through art forms the psychology of the masses. It has always been. The artist and the musician influences people.

-I finally began to notice how my own style is being formulated. Style is like handwriting by which you can be recognized. To be honest, all this time I have constantly had style jumps. But now I started to notice shapes.

I have already become old haha!, now people in 20 years already know their style well. 

-For newcomers, I say: Learn anatomy, perspective and 3D programs. Use references. If you want to quickly learn – copy from your favorite artists for yourself.

-Next for me, I have an idea for a funny adventure manga about an intelligence agent and a girl from another planet who works with him. I would like to find a publisher.

My IG punny__panda

FB https://www.facebook.com/punnygroup

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