Harley Schwadron

I became a cartoonist after working as a journalist for many years. I was an urban affairs reporter for the Hartford Times in Connecticut, then a weekly newspaper editor in Michigan, and I worked for 20 years as an editor at University of Michigan News service in Ann Arbor, Michigan. 
After leaving journalism, I became a full time freelance cartoonist. The freelance market was good in the late 1990s and early 2000s. Lately things have slowed down as newspapers and magazines have lost readers.
Some of my main freelance markets are Reader’s Digest, American Legion, Wall Street Journal, Saturday Evening Post and others. I also do a daily business cartoon “9 to 5” which is syndicated by Chicago Tribune Content Agency. You can see “9 to 5” at: www.gocomics.com/9to5.
I also provide business and topical cartoons for several daily papers and weekly business newspapers, and some investment companies.
Cartooning for me is a good way to stay connected with current news issues, and comment on them in a humorous way. 
My website is: www.schwadroncartoons.com .